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How I play TNM 
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Post Re: How I play TNM
I've always taken the stealth route as I tend to panic when I am fighting AI in this game (this game only no clue why). I general master rifles and another weapon set (or just master rifles and put them into other spare skills) and at least have Low-Tech Trained (have gone the first "Master" route and it's okay but somewhat difficult). Medicine I usually don't bother with, or if I do I leave it at trained (for higher skill level the bonuses don't seem worth it especially when you get the Regen Aug).

Imo, I think the balance of items is just right. I went back and played original Deus Ex and I feel that I have too much equipment on me so I never have to struggle if I know what I am doing. Here, I felt that you had much less, but that forced you to manage your equipment well, also your credits well. With enough exploring you can actually save yourself some money by not having to buy as many Multitools, Lockpicks, Grenades, Ammo or etc. Half the reason why I go low tech (mainly using DTS) is to conserve ammo (though resources may be used a bit more). That and I just love exploring alternative ways to accomplish an objective (which this game stayed true to DX).

Fri May 25, 2012 8:42 pm

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Post Re: How I play TNM
That and I just love exploring alternative ways to accomplish an objective (which this game stayed true to DX).]

I have mentioned this on other sites. The guys really gave attention to what actions, inspired and dumb, that players could make, and had all bases covered. There aren't too many games where you can frob an inanimate object and get a chuckle either.

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Fri May 25, 2012 9:53 pm
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Post Re: How I play TNM
Skills: i allways go for trained heavy, rifles, medicine, computer and low-tech at the start, upgrading heavy, medicine, rifles, low tech,pistol and computer in this particular order later on the game.
Heavy because i allways get a plasma rifle, alot of people underestimate this weapon but i find it to be very effective , especialy when fighting groups of enemies, and energy sheild is one of the least augs npcs have.
Rifles because of the sniper rifle and the sawed off. I never realized how powerfull the sawed off is. For a closer look, here's 2 examples:
1-Abomination can be killed easily with sawed off and trained rifles right off the start of the game.
2-In multiplayer, u can do 2000+ damage with targeting when aiming at the back of the head in a single shot with the sawed off.
Medicine because going from 30 to 60 healing in a single medkit is great and cheap.
Computer for obvious reasons.
Low-tech because i waste alot of ammo quickly so to counter it i upgrade it.
In general gameplay i go lethal in tnm( i allways played non-lethal in normal DX) and i rarely buy anything( even on rare item dificulty) except weapon mods and sometimes ammo( mostly plasma ammo)
Augs- i allways get these: targeting, ballistic,energy sheild, enviro protect, ads, speed and recirculator.
oh and i allways try to do the secondary objectives because of the skill points.
As for countering bots i allways carry the emp pistol

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Sat Jun 30, 2012 6:27 pm
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Post Re: How I play TNM
I play TNM in Punishing difficulty. I like to take the stealth route and choose to evade all enemies and not to engage them if it is possible. Also i like to spend my money in biocells for the cloak and run silent augmentations and save a bit in case i need to bribe someone or get some information before a mission like a real agent would do.

I don't tend to upgrade weapons skills and i prefer to spend the points in electronics and lockpicking because i prefer stealth over fighting and most important: I like the challenge of not having a huge advantage over the enemy to the point of being able to clear a level killing everything that moves without any effort at all.

For combat i use Trestkon's Pistols and the pepper spray, the fists for non lethal takedowns to eliminate resistance and a couple of grenades of each type. Also never leave home without a fire extinguisher.

Mon Aug 12, 2013 2:27 am
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