Voice & Dialogue not Syncronized

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Mole Person
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Voice & Dialogue not Syncronized

Post by mhscrutton »

After 2.0 installation...game launches normally from double clicking the desktop icon. Game starts normally. Voice dialogue and underlying window of text are seemingly one off and don't match rendering play rather unusable. There are additionally static type of sound messages that occur at seemingly random. Windows 10 Toshiba laptop. Nortons, defragged, registry checked and cleaned.

Should mention that existing 1.04 using Kentie prior to the 2.0 patch, had no sound at all...possibly/probably due to periodic Windows system and Steam updates.

Made in China
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Re: Voice & Dialogue not Syncronized

Post by Made in China »

You need to increase the audio latency - it's been quite a long time, but in Kentie's Launcher it is an option.
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