Looking for general impressions on HR's Setting/Endings

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Re: Looking for general impressions on HR's Setting/Endings

Post by shadowblade34 »

Question for you guys, since I don't recall anything being mentioned about it in the game, was there any mention of how UNATCO could have been formed after these events? The developers said, that UNATCO will have been formed after what happens in DXHR, I didn't see any link, so do you guys have any ideas?
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Re: Looking for general impressions on HR's Setting/Endings

Post by AEmer »

Well, UNATCO _is_ mentioned once, though I think it's spelled out. So it hasn't been formed yet.

But one of the games major characters, Taggert, wishes to speak before the UN on international regulations on augmentations.

Also, what happens during any of the 4 endings is likely to accelerate the creation of UNATCO. It's obvious why on the Sarif ending, but the Taggert ending reveals a massive (if fake) attack vector for terrorist groups, and the Darrow ending reveals the need for actively fighting the illuminati who would probably be labeled a terrorist organisation. During the destruction ending, it seems like it would be pretty obvious to commit to this kind of organisation as well, what with a massive attack occuring.

But there may be a more direct link.
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Re: Looking for general impressions on HR's Setting/Endings

Post by chris the cynic »

AEmer wrote:Well, he's intangible because (all the reasons I can think of for intangibility...)

- He's a hologram
This is my preferred explanation. If we're going to choose to go in the direction of rampant speculation, this is the road I choose.

What I've said before goes something like this:

Say JC showed up and there were these four tanks and two of them were empty. Everyone following along on JC's infolink would see that two tanks were empty. They might assume that nothing had been put in them yet, but they also might assume that what was in them had been taken out. One of the tanks has JC's name on it, no one is going to ask too many questions about why JC wasn't in it. The other one not so much. If Page didn't want, say, the Illuminati looking for his other clone, it might be in his best interest to make it look like the tank wasn't empty.

Of course that assumes that he had the ability to quickly set up a hologram that looked like the real thing when he, presumably, only had as much time to set that up as he had to set up the exploding door thing. I don't get the impression that was a lot of time.


A hologram being there for some kind of scaffolding is something that I don't think has been discussed before, and is probably worth consideration, though I admit to having absolutely no idea how such a thing would work even in the most abstract of concepts. Could you expand on what you mean by that?

The tanks being for something done later could actually explain why the people with earlier incept dates (Page's clone and Simon's clone) are already unambiguously in their tanks already while those with later dates (JC and Mr. Hologram) are not. JC being created there when the lab was used for an entirely different function is interesting, but it feels like it could be a stretch. On the other hand we know that by the time of Deus Ex the way JC was created was long out of date, so they probably would have repurposed the lab where he was created to be used in a different way.
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Re: Looking for general impressions on HR's Setting/Endings

Post by AEmer »

Uh well, the idea would be that you would want an accurate repressentation in order to program surgical instruments, nanites and prepare for the various procedures by using a hologram as a basis.

Currently such technology is only on the prototype stage, but the ability to simulate different surgeries would certainly be helpful. Being able to see where the body would be in the tank, and where to perform laser cuts, for example. Where to put syrringes in, where to introduce various types of nanites.

Nanites for tiny modifications would also need to be preprogrammed in order to accomplish various tasks. Perhaps they want to simultaneously change the genetic makeup of most of the subjects bodies. Perhaps they want to stress test various concepts. Perhaps they want to simulate extraction of large amounts of a specific type of cell.

Any number of cruel human experiments can be imagined, and considering the stage the technology is at...well, maybe it'd be nice to figure out how a nano augmented person reacts to various things, like radiation, deseases, different heavy metals such as lead and cæsium - or perhaps they want to learn how to put together complicated organisms such as augmented humans using a universal constructor.

Preplanning what to do with the test subjects as they arrive seems like it would be a good idea, and for that purpose, they may well have a holographic emitter within the tank.

It's something of an oddball thought, I must admit, but it's the only reason I can think of to want a hologram inside a tank designed for some kind of medical experimentation.

But, yes. The other option is, Page wanted to freak JC the hell out.

Also, it wouldn't really be repurposing the lab to a new thing, so much as getting new equipment to continue the same old line of experimentation that created JC. But then...if the tanks are more like a general surgical tool, they could certainly be the same used to originally modify JC in some way (as an embryo, or after he was born).
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