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How Long To Beat Deus Ex? 
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Post How Long To Beat Deus Ex?
I ended up finding a site that catalogs game times called I decided to look at Deus Ex and found times far larger than the ones I usually get in beating this game (8-9 hours, pretty completionist in terms of doing all possible missions, no speed running, only real thing I do to speed up anything is escape through the dialogue).

Are these generally reasonable with what people experience here, or are they off for you all too? I can see it being slower maybe if you're not used to the game, but still...

Just for fun, here's their entry for The Nameless Mod:

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Thu May 09, 2019 5:52 am
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Post Re: How Long To Beat Deus Ex?
Talking to everyone and exploring all the dialogue options accounts for maybe half of the time I spent in the game each time I played it, but even so 8-9 hours for a completionist non-speed run seems implausibly low. I think my first playthrough of Deus Ex took me something like 35 hours.

I guess one thing that will make a big difference is whether you play mainly combat or go for a stealth playthrough. Stealth is pretty slow, so just blasting your way through can probably cut a mission's play time in half.

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Thu May 09, 2019 9:38 am
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Post Re: How Long To Beat Deus Ex?
I think you can expect a wide range of duration depending on who’s playing the game:

- Newbie: the one who never played a hybrid-shooter. For the record I was totally clueless when I first played Deus Ex, it took me around 50 hours on my first playtrough! First I had no idea what I was doing. Two I’m a contemplative kind of guy when playing games with a strong immersion, I was so much sucked into this world: I could stay there just watching at props and commercials (Think Less^^). Third I was stuck for many hours in the NSF Sewers: you know the blue key the "accountant" NSF gives you? Well I didn’t know I had to use the Nano Key Ring to open that m**** door! (it has 100% Strength) So I probably played the entire game up until then without knowing how to use the damn thing. This might explain the 50+ hours playthrough. In retrospect I wonder how I made there. ^^

- Seasoned Gamer: I’d say 25-30 hours tops,

- The Battle-Hardened DX Veteran: maybe around 10 hours like you said, ggrotz.

- Speedrunners: Recently there’s one gamer, jelmeree, who finished DX in "30.45", hats off to him: Deus Ex any% in 30:45 (youtube)

Also funny how the same guy mentions speedrunning Revision took him slightly longer "42:45" (levels are expanded in Revision which might explain it):
jelmeree Deus Ex Revision any% 42:45 w/o loads (

note: jelmeree did these speedruns in Easy, though. Booo! ^^

Edit: well, Jonas kinda beat me to it. :mrgreen:

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