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In this mish mash post with twitter-esque style speed snippets, I’ll attempt to tie up some loose ends, point you in the direction of a future¬† development, tell you our future development and finally, thanks kindly to Necromanthus, show you our HDTP interpretation of Nicolette DuClare in all her 3D glory -AND- all without double clicking that Deus Ex shortcut icon on your desktop. How good is that?

But first - here’s our new logo - thanks kindly to Cutting_Papers for this wonderful job! It wasn’t easy making a logo for a group that encompasses something as huge as Deus Ex without going down the good old clich√© route. Logo also available in other monochrome variations.

HDTP logo

We have just completed a really exciting interview with Rowan off of ‘deadpixelpost‘. It was our first interview in 5 years believe it or not so it was a really fun thing to participate in! Not all of our team could make the interview unfortunately but we hope we will have managed to have given you a real insight into our mod. I’ve also passed on two exclusive never been seen before screenshots that’ll appear on Rowan’s blog first. Stay tuned for this hitting the blog press in the next week or two!

Also, it’s a pleasure to announce (though some of you will undoubtedly already know this!), that the mod team behind HDTP is officially Emmersive Studios (it’s intentionally spelt that way before anyone asks). This will be our official team Moniker for the Deus Ex HDTP mod and beyond.

Finally - and without further a do - Bless you Necromanthus for all your 3D glory. Enjoy a comparative between old and new versions of Nicolette DuClare curtosy of the shockwave/flash 3D maestro himself. Our HDTP interpretation of the beautiful and mysterious lady - Nicolette.

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