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The Dead Pixel Post - Interview

Just to let you know - our exclusive interview with the deadpixelpost guys is now available to see on their website! We have also provided them with 3 exclusive images - 1 of the assault gun we recently uploaded to and the other 2 … well, i’ll leave you to see those for yourselves - but let’s just say you won’t have seen them anywhere ever before.

Big thanks for Rowan off of DPP for kindly engaging us in conversation :D

Go see now! :D

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2 Responses to “The Dead Pixel Post - Interview”

  1. 1 Invisible.Hand

    I just read the entire interview, INCREDIBLE! You guys sound like your hard at work, but you also really care about the Deus Ex Community and are committed to keeping true to the original DX. You’re all such a talented bunch and I’m waiting patiently for the alpha HDTP pack, but I still think you guys have done an absolutely beyond amazing job, so bless you all. I appreciate all the hard effort you’ve all put into this mod and it’s easily the most amazing one I’ve ever seen in development. I’ve followed this mod in development since the first release of the HDTP demo pack in 2006, and boy has it been a long journey. If anything you don’t owe anything to us (DPP: I guess you get people so excited about the project they feel you owe them something?) but us as a DX community owe something to you.. if that is even possible. Sorry, this must really sound like fan blubber.

    New model after new model I’ve seen has always impressed me greatly, and are always looking better and better. I’ve finished Deus Ex countless numbers of times (if I had to take a guess, it’d be in the teens, maybe 20’s) and you guys giving the game a new breath of life is just so exciting for me personally. It’s also great that you’ve finally confirmed that you ARE in fact working in co-operation with Deus Ex: New Vision and Reborn. :)

    Good luck to you all, keep persevering and for the sake of your hard-working selves (and not my impatient self), I hope you all finish soon.

    God bless you all!


  2. 2 joe_higashi

    I would like to second Brandan’s Comment - “Hear Hear” to the HDTP projeckt team.
    I am another person who has been watching this projekt almost since conception, with baited breath…
    an unknown in the Deus-ex Community tho, But would like to voice my support of all your work… and wish all the members of the Projekt - Best of Luck…
    Heres to a Fantastic Game , Two Thumbs Up !!!!


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