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Lend us your cycles! [aka help power our automated character animatooor ]

[This is written first thing in the morning while drinking my usual cup of earl gray. I’m not yet awake so forgive the somewhat poor grammar.]

No no no - not of the dual wheeled kind - no. I refer to processing power!

The in house coding genius, Akerfeldt, who has made character animation possible by means of coding up a wonderful automated tool, requires the community help!

This is a perfect opportunity to get involved with the HDTP project. Think of it being a bit like participating in the SETI project.

What do you need to do? Simply download the small application from the link below. It is a client that connects to Akerfeldt’s server and once connected utilises the unbridled power of your super PC to process the hours upon hours of animation required to soup up our characters!

Doesn’t the thought of getting Bob Page doing the llambada one day get you feeling fruity? ….

Ahem, anyways so yes - please download the client below and run it :) Keep your eyes peeled to the forum threa (also linked to below) to see the current status of the application and the animation process. If the client does’t appear to work it could be that all the animation for that session has been completed and the server closed until the next batch is readied up. Either way don’t panic and always refer to the forum in the first instance :)

Windows client -

Linux client -

Forum link -

Oh, and I haven’t forgotten about the media pack ;)

Thanks guys - you’re amazing :)


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4 Responses to “Lend us your cycles! [aka help power our automated character animatooor ]”

  1. 1 phasmatis

    Where’s the media update? HURRY IT UP! IS UR MOD DED!??!!?!!

  2. 2 admin

    It’s all kinds of dead!!!! :s :p ;)

  3. 3 EFcrazy

    Love what you’re doing. Keep going!! Don’t let is die!!

  4. 4 Dentonas

    Dentonas here. Quad core magic at your service!!


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