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Project HDTP is a High Definition Texture Package for the original Deus Ex game. The original in-game textures were of a very low resolution, some textures even being as low as 32×32. However, it was discovered that it is possible to increase the resolution of those textures to a minimum of 256 (we can now jump this up to 1024×1024 in appropriate situations). This has been tested in-game and we have witnessed the start of a massive graphical overhaul.


1. All new re-modelled and re-textured objects and characters.

2. Objects will sport a minimum higher resolution of 256.

3. Brand new character models and matching high resolution skins.

4. Character models now have their own fingers (removing the ‘mittens’ effect).

5. Models that require animation will be full animated from scratch to compliment the higher quality feel.

6. Characters look darker and more moody to enhance the game play experience.

7. Vehicle models and weapons will be re-modelled, skinned and re-animated.