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v2.0 Stuff

Post by ZeroPresence »

Hey guys, Pork Chop Fan #1 here again,

Currently working on Mission 22 for the v2.0 update, that includes DXE, the ATC, and a secret level which will be completely new content, along the lines of how the WC King's Tower was implemented... but hidden!

To tease it, without revealing too much: there will be a new character introduced, and to draw a comparison think of it sort of like a Majestic 12 facility from vanilla DX. There will be a clear alliance present in the map, but both PDX and WC players will be considered enemies here. Since it will be taking place on Day 2, there will be no punches pulled and expect a high level of opposition.

For another hint: the door leading to this area is already in the 2.0 update, but instead of gaining access to the facility, you are told the lever is strangely not working at the moment and to stay tuned.
Heathen JK
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Re: v2.0 Stuff

Post by Heathen JK »

So cool that you're adding content after all these years. Just what I need to beat the lockdown boredom.

Thanks and happy new year!
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