Replication statements which won't met optimized C++ code.

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Replication statements which won't met optimized C++ code.

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Okay, since i'm working on network support for blendanimations i noticed that the statements in uc (which are meant as a reference) did not match the GetOptimizedRepList() implementation, so i start a thread for collecting the missmatches i notice.

General Note:
There is no such thing as unreliable variable replication, so reliable and unreliable on variables have the same effect, but i won't post every unreliable variable replication statement here.

First of all: Actor.uc
BlendAnimSequence, SimBlendAnim and BlendAnimMinRate are not replicated at all.

AnimSequence, SimAnim, AnimMinRate and bAnimNotify replication conditions are:

Code: Select all

	// Animation. 
	reliable if( DrawType==DT_Mesh && ((RemoteRole<=ROLE_SimulatedProxy && (!bNetOwner || !bClientAnim)) || bDemoRecording) )
		AnimSequence, SimAnim, AnimMinRate, bAnimNotify;
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