How to display coronas in skybox

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How to display coronas in skybox

Post by SkrillaX »

I've placed a light with all the properties of a corona in a skybox zone. When I play the level the corona doesn't show up, but when I ghost to the skybox it appears perfectly fine. Is there a fix, or you can't place the corona in skyboxes. <_<
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Re: How to display coronas in skybox

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Hmm? Thought you were cast away for being too troublesome. Well, I'll answer this because I'm bored.

I've never tried placing a corona in a skybox, but a solution that comes to mind is to spoof a corona. I'm guessing your attempts won't render because you're not in the same zone as it or because it wouldn't scale properly with the forced camera perspective (a corona shouldn't noticeably scale at all at long distances, if it can even be seen at all). Whatever the problem is, it is likely not something you can solve while using the traditional implementation of coronas (class light, bCorona=True).

Unreal Ed-only simple solution for non-coders: Place down an effect (Say, class LaserSpot), assign it a corona skin, set bStatic=true along with whatever other variable tweaks that are needed and stick it in your skybox.

If you want the corona effect to scale in size based on the player's distance and be less hacky, create a new class, assign it the desired corona skin, write some code yourself to make it scale based on distance, and stick it in the skybox.
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Re: How to display coronas in skybox

Post by Hanfling »

It's not rendered because the trace to check line of sight to the corona will always fail.
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Re: How to display coronas in skybox

Post by Jonas »

Cybernetic pig wrote:Hmm? Thought you were cast away for being too troublesome.
I removed the ban because it'd been in effect for long enough to make a point. We'll see if Skrillax has improved during his time in exile :)
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