A beta script for Invisible War is in the game's files

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A beta script for Invisible War is in the game's files

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Screenshot of the intro convo: https://i.imgur.com/hrNFW4X.png
Here's the final in game intro convo: https://youtu.be/C_Y23SBquyE?t=3m45s
Some of the first noticeable changes are the presence of an in-game profile system presumably as a method of character creation, as well as the initial TARSUS attack being less obvious.

Other changes include lack of weapon lockout in bars, cut missions, and numerous dialogue edits/cuts.

ConText.Eng is located \content\DX2\Conversations\English. Just navigate to your DXIW install root and go from there. Open with any text editor.

If you wanted to find differences in I'd recommend you go through walk-through such as this one, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_Y23SB ... FF&index=0 Once you've got a convo you want to check out Ctrl-F the characters name, might take you a while to find it or it might not even be there!

There are also many developer comments! The same way DX1's ConEdit has comments. Fascinating to go through!

Found this while looking into DX2-DX1 .con file conversion, as part of that I made this Notepad++ macro to make the DX2 con files more legible with a plain text editor, here it is: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/ ... ortcuts.xm

Install according to these instructions: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/543 ... in-notepad

Remember if you copy it into an existing one to use a different editor! Notepad++ will overwrite it on exit, deleting your changes.
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