Hit Detection and Body Parts

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Hit Detection and Body Parts

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I've been looking around to see if there's been any information posted on the subject above. Only real thing I ran into is something I referenced a few years ago . . .

Anyway, I was wondering about whether any amount of testing or fixes have happened with regards to figuring out where the head shot area is on an NPC. I'm guessing the code detects this along with changing the reticle to the cross. I'm noticing in a lot of things that it's seems to be pretty inconsistent. Like with the sniper rifle, I've always noticed that sometimes you can one shot things, but other times it takes 2 or 3 times. I'm playing around with the mini-crossbow a lot more lately and noticing that sometimes I can shoot things successfully at point-blank range without the reticle being there at all.
Maybe this varies with the NPC models how hit detection is determined? Usually I start aiming from the top of whatever it is and then shoot where the reticle turns.

Also I'm noticing that it seems to be a crap shoot when it comes to shooting things at angles. I do the same as above but sometimes I get a torso or arm hit. So I'm guessing the best strategy to get consistent head shots is to be sure I'm on the same level as whatever it is?

Anyway, body part hit detection definitely seems to be pretty much a chance thing. Any thoughts on all of this?
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