Help keep DXMP alive.

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Help keep DXMP alive.

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I am almost certain most people in these forums don't care about DXMP, but if you could help us out with this problem, we'd deeply appreciate it! :D

As some of you may know, GS is shutting down all related Master Server Addresses (MSAs). However, luckilly there is one that we can rely on.

The name of the Master Server Address we shall use for servers is:

If there is anyone here on OTP Forums that hosts, Add the above MSA to the uplinks in your DeusEx.ini config file, replacing the gamespy MSA. The port number for the address will remain the same: 28900... Also download these U Packages: read the 'readme.txt' file and follow the instructions.

^This file helps with this change.^

Take these words and spread them as much and far as you can.

Thank you,

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