Deus Ex seems to go back into the past

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Re: Deus Ex seems to go back into the past

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Jonas wrote:
Made in China wrote:It really isn't down to who made a certain object or construct - it's about how it made you feel.
A-hah. So in that case I suppose I can decide that Deus Ex itself is not canon, that in fact only the original design document is canon, and you're not going to call bullshit on that, right?
Well, no - because I'd rather throw it out the window. A personal outlook on things doesn't really matter, and I won't ruin your enjoyment just because I disagree. I'm not THAT touchy about my subjective opinions.

But let's say I was - two issues come to mind. One is the chronological availability of the material - if an IP was already established and has a fanbase, we're handling with some miscommunication about what's Deus Ex. The second is the size of the fanbase, which again faces the same issue.
So I think that the only one who are entitled to saying that is the dev team - they can say they've grown attached to Deus Ex before it was finished, or changed mid-development, or whatever - and they're the only target audience of that franchise at that point in time. If Harvey Smith or Warren Spector said it I think their opinion would've been valid, even though still very clearly an opinion.

I don't want to discourage a discussion, because those evolve existing ideas and give birth to new concepts - but I think that disagreements due to personal tastes should be left like that. Thinking ill of the Square Enix Deus Exes because of departures from the franchise is understandable, but so is sticking with them as they do carry some concepts from it still. Both are valid, and while I hold one I wouldn't think less of you if you held the other.
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