Why I love playing The Nameless Mod

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Why I love playing The Nameless Mod

Post by Ragnerin »

Greetings Everyone!

This os my first time writing here.

I admit, I am playing Deus Ex a lot and since I come across The Nameless Mod, I decided to play (the 2.0 version)
At first, I was clueless as hell since I played it for the first time but after sometime I managed to get some fun with different methods of playing.

The ways I could get almost everything to my advantage or methods of killing or knocking down my enemies.
Believed or not but I also downloaded The Sifter mod into original Deus Ex, by doing this, I could get way much skill points and fun.

For Example:

get 20 skilpoints of you knocked down or kill pepper sprayed in the head
get 40 skill points for killing my enemy while he's paralyzed with prod

Of Course NPCs Like: Dark Templar, Athena, Beefman, Abomination, Bogie, ZeroPresence, Kylie, Jackie, Deus Diablo have Augmentations, upon killing them they have over 100 skillpoint awards
If you kill those blue karkians in Despot's Apartment by crushing them you get 100 skillpoint award plus (I think) 320 skillpoint as a bonus because they are augmented.

I also Installed the HDTP mod but due to different damage or other things, they don't appear in all weapons. You can get 1 HDTP Pistol from a Goat Worshipper during your second visit to Goat City after The Firestaff Mission.

As for choosing sides, I always pick up PDX side, I don't fancy siding with greedy prick, plus Deus Diablo during the WorldCorp playthrough will call that you chose to side with Scara over Kylie. If I were to make a meme out of it.

To sum this all up, This mod is amazing and It also gave me some hard-time. This mod is challenging and I like it.
Blessing for the Developers and TNM Team

As a bonus
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDCZ1YDilVcMeanwhile in Aunt Betty Industries
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Re: Why I love playing The Nameless Mod

Post by Jonas »

Glad you had fun :) not a fan of skillpoints for kills, but whatever floats your boat!

I really should try to find the time to playing TNM 2.0 at some point.
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Re: Why I love playing The Nameless Mod

Post by Ragnerin »

That's very nice of you Jonas, thank you.

I do have something to say, I started making "Tutorials" about how to play TNM.
It can be watched on my YT channel.
To be honest, my editing skills are shit.

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... NmgxDmMTID

I also have to mention, I do not earn any money for this.

...If you don't like it I'll delete the video.
These type of videos is for entertainment and humor only!
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