NFT Leasing / lending marketplace

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NFT Leasing / lending marketplace

Post by Jess55 »


Even though the NFT market is getting bigger and bigger, the liquidity of NFTs is still pretty low, there aren’t many ways to earn money out of them and utilize them for shorter durations.

As more and more games are coming into the NEAR ecosystem, it’s difficult to earn NFTs which can then be used within the games and buying them is pretty expensive most of the time.

Also, once you earn some NFTs in games and get bored using them, they are just sitting idle in your wallet without any use.


In order to solve these and a lot of other similar problems, we are building a NFT leasing platform through which users can lend and lease their NFTs across the community and utilize them in the NEAR ecosystem.

About Us

NFT Lend aims to bring more liquidity to the NFTs on the NEAR blockchain and become the largest lending / leasing marketplace. Users can view all their NEAR NEP-171 NFTs minted across any contract, list their NFTs for lease and make money from their idle NFTs and lease other NFTs from the marketplace which can then be used for a shorter lease duration for a variety of purposes like using them in games etc.


Phase 1:

Users can:
View all their NFTs minted across NEAR contracts
Specify the rent and list the NFTs on marketplace
CRUD operations
Support for multiple duration options
Browse through the marketplace and see all the NFTs and lease them as per their requirements
Ease of navigation
Comment & socialize
Check different metrics on the platform
Dashboard for different metrics
For the developers:
Developer tools to integrate existing Dapps with NFT Lend
Verification tools for checking authenticity
Samples and documentation

Phase 2:

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Re: NFT Leasing / lending marketplace

Post by CashiWaku »

Thanks for sharing.
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Re: NFT Leasing / lending marketplace

Post by Rob55 »

Thank you for sharing this information and for the services provided. I think it is a good solution for those who invest in NFT. But I don't do it, and I don't know if I will ever do it. I don't know how this whole thing works, but it seems too risky. Because recently started looking for a house to buy, I found out that some houses have been sold as an NFT. WTF? How is this real? I still stayed with the old system and bought my house with the help of the mortgage taken from Mortgage Advisor Nottingham. This process seems much simpler and safer to me. I think many will call me an old man, LOL.
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