CBD Oil?

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CBD Oil?

Post by Rob55 »

I keep reading about the almost miraculous benefits of CBD oil? Has anybody here tried it and found it to be helpful? If so, how?

I did a search and did not see a thread on this. Apologies if I missed something.
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Re: CBD Oil?

Post by CashiWaku »

It is good.
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Re: CBD Oil?

Post by Jess55 »

I tried it almost two years ago, and it truly works. I was initially skeptical since I didn't want to consume anything related to drugs. However, after just three weeks, I saw a lot of improvement. Also, I assured myself that I take seriously everything my doctor suggested. After I finished the treatment, my body needed a pause, and recently, I started a new therapy with HHCP; the price it's higher, but I was lucky to find this platform where they have HHCP for sale. I don't have any opinion yet, but if you are curious, I can come back with a review in a few weeks.
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